Create Your First Design in adobe photoshop cc


Go to menu bar, open a document in photoshop cc, Set the title name to "my first design or any", width to 1366 pixels and height to 768 pixels, resolution 72, set orientation to Horizontal, color mode RGB, background content white and then click create



Go to menu bar, Import any image you want to edit then select the image in the document in the layer panel and press control (Ctrl + T ) and T to resize the image. Press Shift + Alt and Right mouse click and drag the image to document background size and then press ok.

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Select type tool or press T for type tool and click in the document to type. Type your text example "Hello World" press ok. Go to layer select the text layer the go-to option bar, set text front to "times new roman" text color = white, text size = 168 then press ok. Again go to layer panel, down the layers find the "fx" or add layer style then click and select, then drop shadow. Set opacity to 24, distance to 18, spread to 20 and size to 13 then press ok.

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Go to custom shape tool, right click and select custom shape then go option bar find the "click to open custom shape picker" in shape option, click and choose any shape you want then press Shift + Alt and left mouse click and drag in the document then press ok. Select the same layer go to "fx" or add layer style then click and select, then drop shadow. Set opacity to 60, distance to 33, spread to 20 and size to 41 then press ok.


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Now, select the background layer then right mouse click and duplicate layer press ok. Go to duplicate layer, select the layer then go to menu bar then click "filter" select filter gallery. In filter gallery go to brush strokes the find the "spatter" filter and set spray radius to 25 and smoothness to 1 then press ok.

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Design guide

Done, Your first design is created now go to menu bar select file and save the file as an "any name" and set format to "JPEG" then press ok, your first design is created. Share with your friends.


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